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We use ZOOM platform to stream virtual classes, so you need to have one!


How do I join a Virtual Class?

1. Download ZOOM to your device (laptop or phone). Register by creating a free account. 

2. Book a virtual class through this page. (An email will be sent to you).​

3. Open your email and click on the unique link to join Zoomba.​

4. MAKE SURE YOU OPEN THIS LINK ON A DEVICE WHICH HAS ZOOM INSTALLED.​5. For better sound, connect a speaker to your laptop or phone. It may be easier to use an audio cable than bluetooth.​

6. To use a bigger screen, you can connect your laptop or phone to your TV. . using an HDMI cable or a casting device (e.g. Chromecast).

7. Join the stream 10-15 minutes before class starts so you can get everything set up.

8. Once you are in the online Zoom meeting, 'pin' my video to make the screen bigger. (You will see three white dots on the top right, or you can double tap where you see Simona's living room).​

9. You can leave your video ON if you're happy for me and other participants to see you. Feel free to turn the video OFF if you prepare.

10. I stay online for 15 minutes after class so feel free to stay for a chat!​

11. If you encounter any issues during the class, please message me in the ZOOM CHAT. You can find a Chat bubble icon at the bottom of the screen.

12. Almost ready

13. Move any furniture anything else that is in your way and enjoy the VIRTUAL CLASS!


•  Connect a TV screen and speaker to your laptop (BETTER AUDIO, VIDEO and OVERALL EXPERIENCE)

•  Make sure your laptop, phone is CONNECTED TO INTERNET

•  If you can, use a network (ethernet) cable to plug your laptop into the router for better internet connection

•  Get everyone involved! (kids, pets, family members, flatmates)

•  TAG ME! I love to see all of you having fun too! So record yourselves dancing along and tag me @simonadancefitness so I can see you.

•  Did you have a great time? Tell everyone! SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE online. Post it, share it, @mention it and be sure to tag me @simonadancefitness

•  PLEASE DO NOT RECORD a live STREAM. If you want any of the choreo or music, drop me a line.

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