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Transformational Life Coaching

Tap into your potential and overcome any obstacle standing in your way to live a life you desire.

Get in touch today and start living the life of your full potential.

I am a certified Life Coach with an intense experience in wellbeing coaching and business coaching.




"When I first started the sessions I was very anxious about talking to a stranger but Simona is very easy to talk to and very understanding.


She made me feel comfortable expressing myself and helped me to find solutions to my problems.


Before the sessions I was very angry, anxious and stressed out and now I am in much better headspace and more optimistic about the future."


"I became more confident, and my focus changed towards good. Working with Simona was so nice. I feel more confident, happier, and I did find a job where I feel valued.


Before I started working with Simona, I felt depressed, did not believe in myself, and I felt so anxious.

The biggest improvements I see in my self-confidence and me feeling happy .

Thank you, Simona, you are amazing and doing a wonderful job, making people feel happier."

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