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Into depth podcast

Embark on a transformative journey with Into Depth, a podcast designed to shatter your beliefs, expand your knowledge, and defy societal norms. If you're tired of settling for 'NO' as an answer and crave thought-provoking discussions, this is your invitation to join the conversation. For the curious minds who question everything, Into Depth is your haven. Delve into the core of issues while enjoying a light-hearted and humorous approach. Say goodbye to small talk – our guests and topics are carefully curated to challenge and inspire. Tune in and elevate your self-discovery with Into Depth.

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Meditate with Simona

Mindfulness practise is an effective tool that can be used as part of a regular practice to provide stress relief and relaxation. These meditations and breathing techniques will help you to become present, being able to detach yourself from your thoughts and emotions. All in order to be less reactive to your environment and to cultivate gratitude and peace and law of attraction. These meditations are for beginners as well as experience meditators. Don't get discouraged if you struggle at first to quieten your mind. It's a skill you can develop by regular practise.

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